Health Tips for COVID-19

Written by: Alexander Riordan, MD

Dealing with the ongoing health crisis is difficult. Here are some practical tips to help keep you sane, healthy, and productive! For information about how our office is dealing with the crisis, read our COVID-19 updates here.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Do this frequently, especially after handling items in public places and prior to touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth. This might be one of the most important measures to keep you from becoming infected.

  2. Practice social distancing in accordance with the federal and state orders. This means staying 6 feet away from others even when at the grocery store.

  3. Plan to go out less, and with less people. It is recommended to try to go to the grocery store just once a week, and only have one person from your family go.

  4. Going for a walk, exercising at home, and staying healthy is still recommended! Just be sure to stay 6 feet from others if you encounter them on the walking paths or in parks.

  5. Make a healthy meal plan for you and your family- eating healthy combined with exercise can help fight off feelings of depression during these difficult times.

  6. Keep in touch with family and friends via video chats and phone calls. We are lucky that technology allows us to still connect with others, even when confined to our homes.

  7. Make a new To-Do list every day. Prioritize it by numbering items in order of importance, then re-write the list in the appropriate prioritized order. Place small items on the daily list and place long-term items on a separate list. This means instead of putting 'clean/organize the garage' on your list, put 'move boxes out of garage' or 'organize tools in garage' on the list instead. Being able to cross off smaller items will build momentum, boost your spirits, and keep you productive and healthy!

  8. Remember we are here for you. Read our COVID-19 updates here, explore our services, and explore all our other blog articles here.

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